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for newbies

Have u just started playing L2?
Are you thinking of starting it now?
Do you find it kinda hard?
This topic will help you :)

What Is Lineage II?
L2 Is an online game considered as MMORPG
In L2  Important role plays the  contribution , braininess and ur free time .

How Can I Play L2? Must I Pay?
Lineage II is a free game(in our point of view) , u must pay only if u want to play in the official Lineage ii (L2Official)
But that’s why they have Private Servers , if u don’t have to give money !

First Of All try to find  a proper server
The servers that u will play will not “retail” and they don’t give u the experience of the Official Game

  • L2 Have 3 Kinds Of Server

Low Rate (x1-x20) – where u will xp slowly and u will earn items difficult .
Mid Rate (x20-x50) – Where xp is medium and the items are easier from a low rate server
High Rate (x50-x10000) –  the goal of a high rate server Is PvP ( Player Vs Player(s))

The Next parameter is the Chronicle (The version of the game)
Lineage2 have many and different versions , and they keep making new versions .
Official Server always has  the latest version but on private servers sometimes no , the most popular versions are :

  • Interlude
  • Gracia Epilogue
  • Freya

But they have some differences   , but actually are the same . (Freya is the expansion of Interlude)

There’s of course many Private Servers
For Select a private server , u must visit some websites, where they advertise servers like , and the Lineage II Servers Section Of MaxCheaters

You will see and more strange like ( L2J – L2OFF )
L2OFF are the files of the older version of official . ( It has got few bugs )
L2J are the files that are created from other people but τhe results are the same with L2OFF but it has got many bugs/exploits (The reason that we have MaxCHEATERS) but u have the possibility  to make them much better

From where can i download clients ? How can i log?
You can find the clients by clicking here or search at google by writing their names.
Then you must put  the  relative system/patch of the server
This given from the website of the private server (How to connect/Downloads)
Download the files , and replace  them with the old ones
See This , it will help you

Then Run Lineage from  lineage2/system/l2.exe

Nice i’ve logged what i must do now?
Then make sure that you’ve created an account , log and make ur character ( Select ur race )
You can give a check there(couldn’t find any english one,anyway it’s easy)

What i need now?
Then , if u have been logged in the game,  you must kill some monsters for level up(for how much easy is level up we said it up)
By killing  monsters u will earn adenas that u will need for buy items.
Try to go to the nearly town  for buy items (like Soulshots)

At 20 level u will do the first quest ( if it has a cat ( class transfer-manager -easier shit ) when u will select what class u want and what skills u will take .
It’s important  to do not do mistake .

Since you are 20 level, u will leave that town and go on an other town there u will can xp more easier .

I Die from monsters , What mistake  i did ?
You must have that equipments  always :

  • Armor ( Wear it )
  • Weapon + Soulshot/bless spiritshot (Fighter or mage)
  • Jewels
  • Potions
  • Buffs
  • I Went to the mobs that are more level than me

What is the aim of the game?
At the begin , u must level up and go to the max ( Full is 80 (Interlude) 85 (Gracia , freya) )
The aim of the game are the fights near the other players,so u must be more stronger for no dying so easy .

You must take the properly items ( gears ) for be more STRONGER ! (It counts on ur class too)

Next  , u will join in one clan where u will go together with other players to take better items for be more better on PvPs(You Must Be On A clan for support them and they support you , L2 Is team game )

Overall  Infos for the game

Xp System
At Lineage II u level up by killing mobs(monsters)
u can learn the power of them by see their color(or u have a specially patch for see how many level they are )

Red : 9 level or more bigger  than you
Light red :  6-8 level bigger than u
Yellow : 3-5 level bigger than u
White : -2level <->+ 2 level of you
Green : 2-5 level smaller than u
Light Blue : 6-8 level smaller than u
intense blue : 9 or more level smaller than u

By leveling up u will learn more skills and we wear other grade of armor!

Grades :
We can’t wear random Grades . It has  some grades that u wear by leveling up .
1-19 level we wear no grade
20-39 D
40-51 C
51-61 B
61-76 A
76-79 S
80-83 Dynasty/Icarus/Morai
84-85 Vesper/Vorpal/Elegia

According to them,take appropriate  SOULSHOTS
Of course if u are 84 level u can wear d grade but not the different soulshot . Soulshots max are S Grade , if u wearing s grade/dynasty/icarus/vesper use s grade soulshots .

Basic Stats Of Characters


Especially characteristically at the race of humans :
Although the humans haven’t got something special advantage , they can be the better classes in their path (with the 2-3 quest)

Characteristically : Humans are the most balanced on their status .


Especially characteristically at the race of elfs :
Relatively with the other classes they can to hold their breath more than the other classes and they can  fall from higher places .

Characteristically :  Elf have got  big attack speed & casting speed . They have bigger accuracy & evasion . But their powers ( Patk M atk ) is smaller from the other races .

Dark Elfs

Especially Characteristically at the race of dark elfs :
The same with elfs , they can  hold their breaths more than the other races . If On Lineage II is night ( by pressing /time ) dark elfs fighters have got bigger accuracy

Characteristically : Because they have high  STR + INT , the matt and p atk are high .


Especially Characteristically at the race of orcs : They have high protection on debuffs , like poison
Characteristically :  Orcs have big physical power , with high HP + MP but they don’t have high stats .


Especially Characteristically at the race of Dwarfs :  Inventory is bigger than other class the same with their warehouse .
Characteristically : They Can craft


They are differents from other races ,  you can find them on Gracia and after ( Not Interlude )


The Character who has got the most points in his class at grand olympiad,he can be hero .
You must be noblesse to regist and be hero
If someone get hero he can take special weapons + skills and one hero aura .

Hero Chat :
Heroes can talk in hero chat (%)
All server can see what he typing ( it have a blue color )

Hero Skills :

Heroic Miracle – You take P def and m def and an small protection from debuffs . You Need 40 Soul Ores

Heroic Berseker – For 2 Minutes you take Accuracy , p atk , matk , atk speed , casting , speed , protect on debuffs , canceling attacks , debuff attacks it low you your pdef + m def and ur evasion .  You need 40 Soul Ores

Heroic Valor – For 2 Minutes increase p atk  , p def & protect from cancel buffs . You  Need 80 Spirit Ores

Heroic Grandeur – Lows P.def , m.def , evasion & shield defense propabillity of ur enemies who’s are near u , it increases their chance to take debuffs . You Need 80 Spirit Ores

Heroic Dread – It makes fear on your nearly enemies . You need 80 Spirit ores

Some info For Grand Olympiad

Grand Olympiad is a competition for matches ( 1 v 1 ) . That competition created for who will be a hero .
It be on a monthly base , at the end of the month , 1 player who have biggest points will be hero.
Only who is noblesse and have 3q can take part .

Olympiad Points :
At the start of a new olympiad period (per month) 18 points given for all who have noblesse and 3 points per month if points of a loser transfer at the winner .
If at the end of olympiad period, one character have more than 50 pts he can change his points for noblesse gate pass
1 point=1000 nobless gate pass

With noblesse gatepass u can buy the following items :
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 420,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 195,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 84,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 63,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 9,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 70,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 6,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 7,000 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 3,120 Noblesse Gate Passes
Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 960 Noblesse Gate Passes

Secret Book of Giants: 5,500 Noblesse Gate Passes
Ancient Book – Divine Inspiration (Original Version): 450,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Clans :

Some Info :
One clan is based on his clan leader and one number of clan members.
New Clans can have  8 members
If ur clan level up u can have at least 140 members .

Leaving Clan :
Everyone member can leave the clan whenever he wants , but he can’t join to other clan for 1 day

If a leader clan his member he can’t invite other member for 1 day
Change Clan Leader :
One Clan leader can give leadership at other member  , you must go to a high priest and press specified button

Dissolve A Clan
One clan leader can dissolve his clan without ask someone else , he can do it on his own risk .
It needs 1 week for that .
You can go to high priest and press the analogical button .
Clan can’t destroy even it has got war with other clans
If he dissolve his clan his xp lows  and he can’t make an other clan for 10 days .

Clan Levels :
For Clan Level 1 You Need : 30,000 SP , 650,000 Adena , 1 member or more
For Clan Level 2 You Need  :150,000 SP , 2,500,000 Adena , 1 member or more
For Clan Level 3 You Need : 500,000 SP , Blood Mark , 1 member or more
For Clan Level 4 You Need : 1,400,000 SP , Alliance of Manifesto , 1 member or more
For Clan Level 5 You Need : 3,500,000 SP , Seal of Aspiration , 1 member or more
For Clan Level 6 You Need : 10,000 Reputation score , 30 members or more
For Clan Level 7 You Need : 20,000 Reputation score , 80 members or more
For Clan Level 8 You Need : 40,000 Reputation score , 120 members (Full)

Sub Units :
Clan leader can increase the capacity of his clan by creating sub units named  Royal Guards & Order Of Knights
Order Of Knights :
If ur clan arrived level 7 , you can create Order Of Knights
Same with the Royal Guards , you can have 1 lord , who will have one better rank + clan buffs ( Not all as the leader of royal guard ofc )
They can create 2 for every Royal Guard , so full is 4

Clan Academy :

Academy system make easier the life of newbies .
Clan with 5 level & more can create Academy
Everyone newbie under of 39 level  can join to one academy . He stays in academy until his second quest .
If he do his second quest he gets auto dismiss ( with no penalty ) and 400 rep points on clan .


How to create an alliance
If ur clan is level 5 or higher . Clan leader can go to a high priest  and create an alliance .

Info :

If one clan is based on an other alliance , It cannot  create one new or join in other ally .

At the time of an siege , ur clan try to take the castle can’t invite on alliance with the clan that defend the castle .

Clans that have war together can’t make alliance .

An Alliance Can have at least 3 clans .

Privileges of Alliance Leader
Leader Has got the privelege to add or remove everyone who want , he can dissolve it too (by taking punish ( can’t make new ally ) for 10 days ) .
If he kick a clan , he can’t invite one new for 24 hours .

Leaving an Alliance
One clan that left ally can’t join to a new for 24hours .

Alliance Crest
Leader of alliance can add ally crest  by pressing /allycrest it must be 8×12 & 256 colors bmp

Commands :
/allyinvite –  Invite one new clan to ur alliance

/allyleave – Leave the ally that u’r in .

/allydismiss – Dismiss One Clan of ur alliance .

/allydissolve – Dissolve your alliance

/allyinfo – Info about ur alliance .

Where To Xp?
1-10 near the newbie village
10-19 Elven Ruins
20-30 Out Of Ant Nest
30-40 Cemetary/Forbidden gateway
55-68 Valley Of Saints
68-73 Sillent Valey
73-78 Varka Silenos/ketra
78+ FOG/Four Sepulchers

in GE,max level is 85 and some zones are different
so here we go
78-82 Isle of Prayer
82-85 Giants Cave/FOG/Mithril Mines/Fields of Silence/Fields of Whispers/Beast Farm

This will help you a lot,too!


General Information about buffs
Buff are some skills,that are done by others or sometimes by you(selfbuffs) that increase your stats
In many servers,you get them in a NPC buffer located in town,which many times can give u all kind of them,or atleast most of them

Normally,you get buffs from other classes
this is done,so these classes are beeing playable

If you are a wizard,you must increase Cast speed,Matk,Pdef,Mdef,Speed etc
If you are fighter,you must increase crit rate,crit dmg,att spd,Patk,evasion,speed,pdef,mdef etc

Be careful with buff limit
ex,if server has 24 buff slots(talking about IL) if u get more than 24,the first buffs goes away
in Gracia chronicles,buffs are specialized,to BUFFS and Dance/Songs

General Information about Dyes!

Increases Patk
Increases Atk Speed,movement speed,crit rate,evasion,accuracy,and the effectiveness of blows(dagger classes)
Increases maximum HP,HP reg,and resistance to stun
Increases MAtk and chance for your debuffs to succeed
Increases Magic critical rate,cast speed and resistance to hold/curses,increases skills reuse and decreases heal effectiveness
Increases MDef,maximum MP,MP reg,poison resistance
Decreases possibility of magic interruption

Here is a guide for class dyes

Archmage –  WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Soultaker – WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Arcana Lord – WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Cardinal –  WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Hierophant – WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Dreadnought  -STR+/CON-,CON+/DEX-
Duelist – STR+/-DEX at Gracia+,no at Interlude
Phoenix Knight –  STR+/DEX-,CON+/DEX-
Hell Knight – STR+/DEX-,CON+/DEX-
Adventurer –  WIT+4/INT-4
Saggitarius – STR+ / Con – and maybe DEX+4 CON-4

Mystic Muse – WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Elemental  Master – WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-
Eva’s Saint – WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Eva’s Temple  – STR+/DEX-,CON+/DEX-
Sword Muse – STR+/DEX-,CON+/DEX-
Wind Rider – WIT+4/INT-4
Moonlight Sentinel – STR+ / Con –

Dark  Elf
Storm Screamer –  WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Spectral Master -WIT+/MEN-,INT+/MEN-
Shilien Saint –  WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Shilien Templar –   STR+/DEX-,CON+/DEX-
Spectral Dancer – STR+CON-/DEX+/CON-
Ghost Hunter –  WIT+4/INT-4
Ghost Sentinel –  STR+/CON-,DEX+/CON-

Titan – STR+/CON-,CON+/DEX-
Grand  Khauatari – STR+/CON-,CON+/DEX-
Dominator – WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-
Doomcryer  – WIT+/MEN-,CON+/STR-

Trickster –  DEX+/CON-,STR+/CON-
Doombringer -STR+/CON-,CON+/DEX-
Soul Hound  -DEX+/CON-,STR+/CON-

General Information about sieges!
Castle Sieges are a very important feature of L2 World
your clan gets many advantages of having a castle
Also,sieges are a wonderful event

To Join a siege,your clan leader must register to NPC outside of a castle atleast 1 day before siege starts
When siege starts,you much destroy infront gates or side walls(with a GOLEM->maestro class)
When u enter the castle,you must rape defenders and leader goes to pray room,where he uses the approciate skill at the Pray NPC.After it’s over,castle is yours until you lose it/the 2 hours are over and win it for 15 days

Information about Raid Bosses!
Raid boss are a very importand part of game
They are very stong mobs,that need more than 6-10 people in most circumstances
When they die,they give very important items,that most times can be obtained only by them

Keep in mind,that all clans want control of them,so PvP is important there!

There are many types of Raid Bosses
There are raid bosses for quests(like sub-class/nobless)
There are raidbosses for clan reputation points
There are raid bosses for unique items(like valakas)

Best raid bosses ,who drop very good things are
Queen ant,Baium,Zaken,Antharas,Valakas,Frintezza,Beleth,Freya

In L2 you won’t need to make many quests,sadly,like all other mmorpgs
especially in a private,you will only need to make few of them
these are

– Get a pet! (level 15)
– First Class Change Quest (Level 20)
– (some instance quest around lv20, forgot name)
– Pet quests (baby buffalo, Baby Kookaburra, Baby Caugar) (Level 25)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 36-42)
– Second Class Change Quest (Level 40)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 61-67)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 73-77)
– Third Class Change Quest (Level 76)

*Subclasses needed:
– Noblesse quest (4 parts)
– Certification Quest

– First Class Change Quest (Level 20)
– (some instance quest around lv20, forgot name)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 36-42)
– Second Class Change Quest (Level 40)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 61-67)
– Paliaka Quest (Level 73-77)
– Third Class Change Quest (Level 76)

*Subclasses needed:
– Noblesse quest (4 parts)
– Certification Quest

– Class change quests by NPC.
*Subclasses needed:
– Noblesse quest (4 parts)
– Certification Quest

Certification skillsCertification skills,are some skills that u learn by some sub-classes
A big feature,after IL
by them,you can learn skills that can give you a boost in pvps(like atk speed,pdef etc) in chance xd
More information Here

Attribute system

Each character skills have an attribute
like water,fire,wind
mages skills have an attribute 90% of times,and that’s something that categorizes them
px Necro skills have DARK,spellhowler’s ones are dark+wind,sps water etc
after Gracia,there is attribute stone system
i would make a guide for this,but there is one perfect Here

Or Personal Reputation Points
you get them by castle siege,fortress siege,terittory wars and festival of darkness

with them you can get PVP armor/PVP weapons,that boost you even better(do it in master near grand olympiad in rune& aden)
more information Here

Seven Signs
Seven Signs is a retail event of Lineage2
it lasts 2 weeks
one week,you can register in one of two sides(dawn or dust lol i don’t remember)
in this week,you can enter in ANY catacomb you want,and acquire Mantras(u make them Ancient Adena after)
in second week,if your ‘team’ wins(dawn most times) you can exchange mantras for AA and AA for items,like cp potion,bsoe etc
and only winners can get into catacombs the second week
notice that u can register only in 1st week

L2,as official doesn’t have GMSHOP’s(don’t look for one if u join one xd)
So,armors/weapons/jewels MUST be crafted(and other mats,like soulshots/arrows)
Only Maestro class can make quality craft(high level,armors etc)

Some Armors/weapons have 60/100% rate,so there is a chance that it will fail!

Many items(especially mats) are found difficulty
If you are a Fortune seeker(dwarf) you can make item easier than normal way
you can use SPOIL skill,and when mob dies you earn more items than just drops!

In game Lineage 2,and in most MMORPG,you can enchant many things in your inventory(such as weapon/armors) to gain boost vs other characters
In retail servers,safe is +3(safe enchant) and it has 2/3 chance to be successfully enchanted
In private servers(what we mostly play) they may have changed it(so care)
You can obtain enchants by drops,etc,but in most servers they are at Gmshops
(a little tip:Even 90% isn’t big chance,care)

also,there is blessed enchant,where our weapons when breaks,isn’t converted at crystals but at +0

In newer chronicles,when u enchant armors/jwels! you gain HP!

Also,armor sets +6 give more boosts!
(note:What we want to enchant,must be same grade with scroll and type)

SA system
A big part of all MMORPG games :)
In them,you have to go at many NPC ,and they tell you to do some things,and in the end,when you complete it you get rewarded
rewards may be adena,or an item,or a way to get into a raidboss etc!
Also,there are quests for Class Change,and Nobless/subclass

a good website to look about them

Class Guides!
Click me!
Class guides links are now there,i can’t update both :(

Important topics to look at
Enchant Skills Locations(for chronicles till Gracia Epilogue
Clan Siege Info
Sub Class Certification skills
Critical Error Solutions!
L2Dictionary(really helpful)
All about augmentation(where orb is Lifestones ;d)
Detailed guide about Clan/Territories etc

4 More nice Newbie Guides!
Click me!
Click me!
Click me!
Click me!

Closing this,i want to say some things you have to do,in order to be atleast equal to some others

1)Have all approciate items into your inventory(SS,potions,mana potions,elixirs etc)
2)Always have buffs
3)Always have dyes when needed in a class
4)Always have nobless quest done
5)Always have augmended weapon
6)Always be in 3q class(if 76+ level)
7)Be in MAX level

After that
a)Get an augment skill
b)Get boss jewels
c)Make your armor +6 atleast,and enchant your weapon/jewels
d)Enchant your skills
e)Make your armor/weapon PvP type

Some useful links for help

That’s all!
This guide isn’t gonna make you pro,but atleast you won’t be that bad
Hope it helped!

Credits for making this guide:All to me


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